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The company has six U.S. patents issued and numerous international patents granted around the world. The company’s philosophy is to vigorously protect and defend these patents and other intellectual property rights through all legal remedies available. The company anticipates vigorously pursuing litigation against infringers in the future as it becomes aware of these infringements and other violations of its intellectual property rights.

Air2Water LLC would like to place any individuals or companies who are manufacturing or distributing atmospheric water generations machines that infringe upon our patent rights on notice, that not only have we been successful in our legal actions against others who have infringed upon our rights, we are and will aggressively seek action against any entities who infringe upon these patent rights. Please be aware that if you are in the business of manufacturing or distributing atmospheric water generation equipment that infringes upon our patents we will commence legal action and seek damages and relief arising from your infringement on our patent rights.

United States federal law. 35 U.S.C. 271 defines infringement as "whoever without authority makes, uses, offers for sell or sells any patented invention, within the United States during the term of the patent therefore, infringes the patent." or equivalent therefore.

Infringement can be direct, indirect, or contributory. Anyone who makes, uses, or sells the patented invention is a direct infringer. If a person actively encourages another to make, use, or sell the invention, the person so inducing is liable for indirect infringement. Contributory infringement can be committed by knowingly selling or supplying an item for which the only use is in connection with a patented invention. Good faith or ignorance is no defense for direct infringement, but it can be for indirect or contributory infringement.

Knowingly infringing on a patented his willful infringement and subject of triple damages and legal fees and maybe punitive damages (see below).

271. Infringement of patent

Release date: 2005-10-11

(a) Except as otherwise provided in this title, whoever without authority makes, uses, offers to sell, or sells any patented invention, within the United States or imports into the United States any patented invention during the term of the patent therefore, infringes the patent.

(b) Whoever actively induces infringement of a patent shall be liable as an infringer.

(c) Whoever offers to sell or sells within the United States or imports into the United States a component of a patented machine, manufacture, combination or composition, or a material or apparatus for use in
practicing a patented process, constituting a material part of the invention, knowing the same to be especially made or especially adapted for use in an infringement of such patent, and not a staple article or commodity of commerce suitable for substantial noninfringing use, shall be liable as a contributory infringer.

List of Current Legal Actions and Judgments

AirWater/Hendrx et al

PDF Download Hendrx Complaint
(Size: 56 Kb)

PDFDownload Lawsuit Confirmation
(Size: 62.7 Kb)

PDFDownload Award of Shares (NEW)
(Size: 62.7 Kb)

PDFJudgement Monetary Amount (NEW)
(Size: 62.7 Kb)

Liquid Air, Fujian Yuxian et al

PDFDownload Liquid Air, Fujian Yuxian Complaint
(Size: 431 Kb)

PDFDownload Signed Judgement
(Size: 343 Kb)

Global Water

PDFDownload Permanent Injuction
(Size: 50.7Kb)

For more information visit John C. Torgesen – Legal Resource Center


The company has six U.S. patents issued and numerous international patents granted
around the world. Our US Patent numbers are as follows:

Privacy Statement

The information entered to this website, including email addresses will be held in the strictest confidence. It is for the sole use of Air2Water and its agents, and shall not be released to any member of the public without consent. Information entered into forms for the purposes of an expression of interest in distributorships, joint ventures, dealerships, and territories shall be for the sole use of Air2Water and its agents for the purposes of communication, due diligence and pre-qualification of persons, corporations, and/or other entities.


  1. The purpose of this Privacy Statement
  2. What information we collect
  3. How we collect personal information
  4. What we do with your personal information
  5. How to contact us

The purpose of this Privacy Statement
This Privacy Statement is issued by Air2Water LLC and its related companies. The Privacy Statement applies to this website. Air2Water is committed to protecting your privacy.

What information we collect
The information that we collect from you when you interact with us online depends on the tasks you complete on this website.

  1. Browsing this website
    When you visit and browse through this website we collect personal information for statistical and maintenance purposes that enables us to evaluate the performance of this website. Such general information includes:
    • the number of users visiting this website and the number of pages viewed
    • the date, time and duration of visits; and
    • the path taken through this website

      This information will not identify you and we will not combine it with any information in a manner whereby we can identify you.

  2. Applying for a product or service information online or using Feedback
    We need to obtain personal information from you in order to complete your online application for product or service information. When applying for Warranty Registration or other product or service information or when using Feedback you will need to complete an online form on this website. Our online forms will ask you to provide limited personal information for contact purposes, for example, your own e-mail address and telephone number. You will have the right to choose whether or not to provide additional personal information. Any personal information we collect from you will only be used for the purposes for which the personal information has been collected.

  3. E-mails
    You can contact us by e-mail via the link on this website. You have the choice whether or not to provide personal information other than your e-mail address. Any information provided to us via e-mail will be used only for the purposes outlined, for example for answering your inquiry or for providing information about Air2Water LLC products and services.

How we collect personal information
Air2Water LLC collects personal information in a number of ways, including:

  • directly from you such as when you enter your personal details on our websites (for example during registration) when you provide information over the telephone or in documents such as warranty application forms;
  • from third parties such as our related companies
  • from sources of information which are available to the public
  • from our own records relating to the service and repair of your Air2Water LLC products
  • from our other websites

Any information which is not capable of identifying you, such as the number of users visiting this website, is collected through code embedded in the pages of this website. You are unable to disable the code on these pages. Other information, such as browser type, is included in a "cookie". Cookies are pieces of information that a web site can transfer to an individual's computer hard drive for record keeping. Cookies make using our website easier by storing information about your choices on a particular website. This will enable you to take full advantage of the services offered to you. The use of cookies is an industry standard utilized by most major websites. Most Internet browsers are set to accept cookies. If you would prefer not to receive cookies you are able to adjust your Internet browser to disable cookies or to warn you when cookies are being used.

Air2Water LLC also gathers information from our websites or other websites. This information is put together for reporting purposes. Any characteristics which are capable of personally identifying the user are removed. The information is gathered in order to enable us to examine Internet trends and demographics and to assist in improving the structure and ease of use of our websites.

This website may include hyperlinks that enable you to access a number of other websites operated by Air2Water LLC or by our related companies. These other Air2Water LLC websites are subject to this Privacy Statement. Where this website includes hyperlinks to third party websites not operated by Air2Water LLC we recommend that you read the privacy and security provisions relevant to those sites in order that you understand how those organizations will deal with your personal information.

What we do with your personal information
We may use your personal information to:

  • identify you and to assist you in your use of our website services
  • provide the services and information relating to Air2Water LLC and its products that you require
  • administer and manage the services we provide
  • gain a better understanding of your requirements in order for us to provide you with better and more personalized information suited to your needs;
  • research and develop our services;
  • maintain and develop our business systems and infrastructure including testing and upgrading of these systems

How to contact us
You can contact Air2Water LLC legal department by emailing us at: